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KazJoyPress is an independent publishing Imprint.

Women Unveiled: distinctive feminine narratives challenging societal boundaries.

Books are also available on Amazon and other major online bookstores in paperback and e-book.

In this dual time novel, Cressida travels to Crete to escape her troubled past. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers she is pregnant. Cressida fears her child will inherit her father’s abusive traits and her mother’s dismissive, uncaring nature. In her quest for answers, she uncovers the history of the Minoans — the most advanced civilization of the Bronze Age, and unveils ancient traditions from this matriarchal society that teach her otherwise.

The Bringer of Happiness

“I should have assumed with parents known to the world as Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, I would be different.”


Narrated by the daughter of Mary Magdalene, the Bringer of Happiness delves into ideologies and heresies, culminating in the 13th Century massacre of the Cathars at Montségur. As our histories become unstuck, the patterns of power through religion are shifting, making way for new narratives. This book is part of this process.


The Bringer of Happiness is a compelling (almost true) time-traveling tale merging history, myth, and imagination.

"Perhaps what’s most remarkable about this layered, ambitious, poetic novel {The Bringer of Happiness} is its clarity and coherence, as Martin finds dramatic means to explore religious and historical complexities and spiritual connections between women through the ages. The Bringer of Happiness is occasionally challenging but more often illuminating"

Booklife Publishers Weekly

"This story has extraordinary moments, like I have never encountered before in a book. How the Initiation in the Mysteries is felt, embodying Sophia, what it means to go beyond body and float as a spirit, there are some scenes here so surreal, so powerful, of such grace and beauty, they left me in awe."

Ioana: Amazon / Goodreads

"For those lover's of the television series "Quantum Leap," this is a must read. 

Martin's prose is prolific as she describes scenery and surroundings. She also keeps Sara's character the main focus of the story. This is a fictional story that explores history, the spiritual world and time travel. A real complex plot, but still a page-turner."

Kelly M. Amazon / Goodreads

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