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When Cressida discovers she is pregnant, her overwhelming fear is she will pass on her father’s violent DNA. It takes an ancient matriarchal culture to teach her otherwise.

Dancing the Labyrinth moves between contemporary and ancient Crete in this tale of a young woman from an abusive background who discovers the veiled history of Europe’s most advanced civilization of the Bronze Age – the Minoans.

The Bringer of Happiness

Sara is a swaddled babe in a hammock in Jerusalem 34 AD. The child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Sara is extraordinary in that she time travels forward into people’s bodies.


Through this (almost true) tale of death and destiny and soul’s purpose, we join Sara as she journeys from Jerusalem to Egypt to Crete and finally France.

Pieced together through extensive historical research, folklore of the Languedoc, Greek mythology and imagination, the Bringer of Happiness offers a compelling expose of spirituality and its mysteries.

"Perhaps what’s most remarkable about this layered, ambitious, poetic novel {The Bringer of Happiness} is its clarity and coherence, as Martin finds dramatic means to explore religious and historical complexities and spiritual connections between women through the ages. The Bringer of Happiness is occasionally challenging but more often illuminating"

Booklife Publishers Weekly

“Dancing the Labyrinth is a powerful and profound celebration of women’s resilience, courage and indomitability.”

Neos Kosmos

“Dancing the Labyrinth was a rewarding experience. I love a story where mythology meets science and the premise was refreshing and made for a riveting read." 

Literary Titan