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Dancing the Labyrinth - Paperback (English)

Dancing the Labyrinth - Paperback (English)


Escape to Crete with Cressida as she flees an abusive past, only to face unexpected challenges when she learns she's pregnant. Struggling with the fear of passing on her father's violent traits, Cressida stumbles upon a cave adorned with ancient Minoan paintings. This discovery becomes a catalyst for her personal journey of self-discovery and healing.


This captivating tale intertwines Cressida's modern struggles with the ancient history of the matriarchal Minoans, offering a unique blend of suspense, emotion, and historical intrigue. Will Cressida find the strength to break free from her past and forge a brighter future for herself and her unborn child? Immerse yourself in this riveting narrative that explores the power of confronting one's fears and embracing the echoes of the past to shape a better tomorrow.


    Publisher :  KazJoyPress (28 Jun. 2021)

    Language :  English

    Paperback :  298 pages

    ISBN-10 :  0645192201

    ISBN-13 :  978-0645192209


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