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Bringer of Happiness - Paperback

Bringer of Happiness - Paperback


Embark on an extraordinary journey with Sara, the swaddled babe of Mary Magdalene, born in Jerusalem 34 AD with a unique ability to time travel forward into others’ bodies. In The Bringer of Happiness, Sara navigates a gripping tale of death, destiny, and the soul's purpose, spanning from Jerusalem to Egypt, Crete, and ultimately to France.


Fuelled by the desire to rescue a young Cathar girl from the 13th-century Montségur massacre, Sara grapples to control her extraordinary power. This (almost) true narrative weaves together history, myth, and imagination, offering a captivating exploration of spirituality and its mysteries. As Sara's journey unfolds, the story challenges established narratives and ushers in a shift in the patterns of power through religion.


Immerse yourself in this riveting blend of historical research, Languedoc folklore, Greek mythology, and imagination, as The Bringer of Happiness becomes a crucial part of this transformative process.


    Publisher :  KazJoyPress (25 Nov. 2022)

    Language :  English

    Paperback :  252 pages

    ISBN-10 :  0645192228

    ISBN-13 :  978-0645192223


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