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Reviews are slowly trickling in

Reviews are the word of mouth for books. They are a vital piece in the jigsaw of promotion for an indie author. If you have and read and enjoyed/ been challenged/ inspired by my books, please leave a review. Amazon is preferred - for that helps direct sales, but Goodreads is also appreciated. You can read reviews here


"Karen's book is courageous and revolutionary. The extensive research into giving an in-depth historical context and aligning it with the timeline is noteworthy. I recommend this" (Amazon / Goodreads)


"The mythologies and fictionalized story creates a unique and powerful narrative that will leave readers pondering the ideas presented in the book. It's a must-read for anyone interested in exploring new perspectives on religion and spirituality." (Amazon/ Goodreads)


"This story has extraordinary moments, like I have never encountered before in a book. How the Initiation in the Mysteries is felt, embodying Sophia, what it means to go beyond body and float as a spirit, there are some scenes here so surreal, so powerful, of such grace and beauty, they left me in awe." (Ioana, Amazon)


"I would definitely recommend this and it's a quick read, so I recommend reading twice as the ending makes you want to start all over again and pay more attention to the details of each moment that Sara experiences." (Adrienne, Goodreads)


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