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Books used in research for The Bringer of Happiness is a new way to discover books online

What is Shepherd?

Discovering a new book should be a magical experience where the search is part of the fun. This is what Shepherd is creating. They give readers fun ways to find amazing books. And, they help authors sell books. As you are aware, we face a massive battle to get our books in front of interested readers. Shepherd seeks to make this easier in a really interesting way.

How does it work?

I am invited to pick 5 favorite books around a theme and explain why I selected each book. These are then featured on Shepherd website and social media platforms alongside my book. I chose books that were part of my research for The Bringer of Happiness. I am constantly asked about my bibliography, and this way I can share my resources, and inspire further reading. By making book recommendations, I too can support and promote other books of interest.

Let me know if any of these titles inspire you to follow up.


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